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AI Geeks Update – August 2019

First of all, we’ve overhauled the website to include the jobs page allowing recruiters to post their job. Thus, recruiters, please find the right candidate by entering the details!

You will be able to access knowledge resource much better. We request community members to share their online content so that we can update your content here.  Some recruiters have contacted us in the past. Thus, we have created a mechanism to  let them post vacancies, introduce community members and added some questionnaires.  As community has expanded to six cities, we are getting traction from event organizers which promise our community members to connect to industry leaders, provide speaking opportunities and demonstrate their use-cases.

Below are some important links:
For introducing yourself,
For hosting webinar using AIGeeks,
For events, challenges and hackathons,
For initial study material to start with,
For research papers on various AI topics:
For Jobs, please visit the page:
Recruiters, you can post your job vacancy here:

Next month, we shall automate the jobs in AI/Data-science field for all six cities and create tools to upgrade knowledge to apply for the given job.


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