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Why Covid-19 became a pandemic?

We are living in trouble times. AI Geeks cancelled GAN meetup in February in Singapore due to early warning given to me and we did a webinar. Since then, we’ve been silent and watching the world around us. At that time, we had very less information why pandemic was spreading. Now, it’s clear. It isContinue reading “Why Covid-19 became a pandemic?”

AI Geeks Update -Sep 2019

First of all, I would like to congratulate Archana Iyer who presented Edge Computing at TechXLR8 5G Asia summit. Please find the below link for presentation. Job seekers in Kualalumpur, we’ve few more open positions. Please visit the jobs page regularly to see more updates. Please let me know if you are interested. we’veContinue reading “AI Geeks Update -Sep 2019”

AIGeeks Members response in charts

The sample size is small but it tells a story. A substantial of AIGeeks members didn’t attend meetup before answering the survey. Computer Vision and Customer Analytics are the most sought after subject areas. No one consider themselves as Advance, maybe the term is either scary or ambiguous. Python is byfar the most preferred languageContinue reading “AIGeeks Members response in charts”

AI Geeks Update – August 2019

First of all, we’ve overhauled the website to include the jobs page allowing recruiters to post their job. Thus, recruiters, please find the right candidate by entering the details! You will be able to access knowledge resource much better. We request community members to share their online content so that we can update your contentContinue reading “AI Geeks Update – August 2019”

AI Geeks Tech Updates- July

11 July 2019 Everytime we think Natural language processing use-cases gotexhausted, there comes another one. Recently, a group of researchers ( Vahe Tshitoyan, John Dagdelen, Leigh Weston, Alexander Dunn, Ziqin Rong, Olga Kononova, Kristin A. Persson, Gerbrand Ceder & Anubhav Jain came up with NLP use-case where they scan the set of scientific literature (Continue reading “AI Geeks Tech Updates- July”